Feel More Knitwear – The Story

Story of Feel More Knitwear

Feel More Knitwear idea was founded by Greek Textile Engineer Aliki Goritsa who brings over 15 years of experience in textile companies, where in 2011 becomes a co-founder in Pepper Vally®, after completing her Master study in Reutlingen University on Textiles Technology, Innovation Design & Management.

Together with Spiros Fragos, founder also of Pepper Vally and Textile Engineer from Piraeus University of Applied Sciences and Digital Programmer for automated knitting machines, have up-scaled the manufacturing process from yarn to smart knitted fabrics and end products with made to shape/less waste technology and functional design.

They spent a lot of years experimenting, researching and developing new methods to make fabrics that have smart and later electronic features, acting as textile electronics and data collectors and serving a health improvement experience of high aesthetics. Having as equipment automated flat knitting machines, that are capable of the most advanced knitting, while using different kind of conductive, metallic a.o. yarns as also all kind of natural yarns and suitable blends, were crucial to achieve flexible sensors, namely transforming rigid electronics to garments.

In 2018, they accepted the challenge to source this experience to Feel More Knitwear Solution first prototype. Initially the prototype combined measurements of 1 Lead electrocardiogram (2 sensors), sweat humidity and body temperature for stress level evaluation of the wearer. For this purpose they collaborated with Javier Soriano, owning Blautic SL, as a Senior Telecommunications Engineer from UPV Universitat Politécnica de Valencia. 1st Worth PP was the first award to proceed from the idea to the first prototype and to present it in Milan and Dutch Design Week 2019.

In 2020 Feel More Knitwear solution was among the 15 selected partnerships of 1st ELIIT PP, another EU supporting program for innovative textile solutions. Being a part of DeFINE community and multiple Fashion Tech, as also Smart Textile Manufacturing Solutions networks, such as EU Industry Days and ECS Collaboration Tool, Feel More Knitwear has achieved accuracy of a 3 Leads electrocardiogram (4 sensors), respiration rate and movement monitoring services to a pilot production level, implementing necessary certifications.

The first of its kind sustainable knitted electronic garment with monitoring services while same time having less impact to the environment and being skin friendly to the whole body-surface.

After a lot of years building the innovation road, inside 2,5 years Pepper Vally® Team and collaborators developed Feel More Knitwear solution near to production level, while similar solutions derive from big companies with dedicated research funding. Pepper Vally® has successfully executed the IMP³ROVE Digital Innovation Quotient™ in 24.11.2020. The Digital Innovation Quotient™ provides data-based transparency on an organization’s digital innovation capabilities building on a thorough benchmarking. Issued by the IMP³ROVE–European Innovation Management Academy EWIV.


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