Faithful to Our Commitment to Quality and Ethics

Our collection is a testament to our dedication to producing high-quality, ethical products with complete transparency. Designed with respect for the wearer’s skin health, nature, Grecian minimal aesthetics, and animal welfare, this collection embodies our core values.

100% Natural Blend of ZQ™ Merino Wool and Tencel™

The hallmark of this collection is its 100% natural blend of ZQ™ New Zealand’s Merino wool and Tencel™. ZQ™ Merino is the world’s leading ethical wool, partnering with progressive growers in New Zealand and brands that believe in the mantra, “Life is better when it’s natural.” They ensure their production methods prioritize people, animals, and the environment.

Exceptional Comfort and Style

Combining the cool, silky touch of Tencel™ Lyocell with its finest cellulosic base, akin to the best cotton, our fabrics provide unparalleled comfort throughout the day. This blend not only feels luxurious but also ensures your skin stays comfortable cool and healthy.

Inspired by Greek Minimal Aesthetics

Drawing inspiration from archaic Greek subtractive luxury aesthetics, this collection fuses the natural properties of ZQ™ Merino wool and Tencel™ fibers to create garments that are easy to mix and match all day and night. The result is a series that is both comfortable and elegant, ideal for any occasion.

Explore our GRECIAN CHIC collection and experience the perfect harmony of nature and fashion, ensuring that every piece not only looks good but feels good against your skin and surprisingly versatile for every occasion and body type. Embrace the luxury of natural fabrics with the timeless elegance of Grecian Chic.

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