Introducing Revolutionary Cotton Swimwear by Pepper Vally® - SPORA Edition

Discover our groundbreaking innovation in cotton swimwear, exclusively designed by Pepper Vally®. Crafted in our workshop in Athens/Greece, every step of the SPORA journey—from concept to completion—exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge research.

Our swimwear features premium combed cotton, dyed in Greece and certified with OEKOTEX Standard 100, ensuring it’s free from harmful substances. By opting for yarn dyeing over traditional fabric dyeing, we significantly reduce water consumption while achieving long-lasting, vibrant colors.

The unique 3D micro-hole design in our fabric enhances elasticity, breathability, and quick-drying properties, ensuring superior comfort. Unlike conventional swimwear made from nylon and polyester, which can be harmful to your skin in salty sea water and summer heat, SPORA offers a natural, non-toxic alternative without aesthetics compromise.

Experience unparalleled comfort and sustainable luxury with our COTTON SWIMWEAR. Break free from plastic swimwear and embrace eco-friendly fashion. Enjoy the sun with the peace of mind that comes from wearing natural, toxin-free swimwear.

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