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Feel More Knitwear – Team

Spiros Fragos

BSc Textile Engineer Digital Craftsmanship & Production Manager

Aliki Goritsa

MSc Textile Engineer Design & Innovation Manager

Javier Soriano Falco

Senior Telecommunications Engineer Electronic & Software Developer


DeFINE project


ELIIT project


Feel More Knitwear is the result of the effective collaboration of mainly 2 different sector SME companies + Advisory Board specialized in Marketing, Business & IP Management, Market Research & Scientific Analysis from the referred Award Winning Programs

Pepper Vally® is a Greek based knitwear brand and manufacturer since 2011, combining craftsmanship, latest technology achievements and sustainability. The brand is keeping the prototyping and production phase from the idea to the final product in factory, following a disruptive, not common used for a small textile business, circular oriented model.

Blautic SL is a tech company, based in Valencia that designs and develops customizable electronic products (hardware + software) based on advanced technologies. Company has an extensive experience in the development of projects with universities, technological institutes and private companies.

AITEX, a Textile Research Center based in Spain is contributing to Feel More Knitwear’s certification, validation and further supportive activities, as an active research center for circularity, sustainability and innovation aspects in textiles. Aitex is structured in 6 research groups: 1-Nanotechnology and Technical fibers, 2-Materials and sustainability, 3-Technical finishes, 4-Health, Environment and Biotechnology, 5-Innovation in Fashion and Design and 6- ICTs (including Intelligent and multifunctional textiles).

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