Patent Registration No. 20210100081

An E-Textile Sensor Solution

Feel More Knitwear is the outcome of Pepper Vally®’s manufacturing process for different up-scalable e-textile systems for several applications in collaboration with Blautic SL.

Future Textiles

What we often forget is that textiles are a basic need after food and sheltering since human’s existence and covers a much bigger field in our everyday life than we thought.

Healthcare Applications & More

Feel More Knitwear solution acts as a monitor device for early diagnosis of cardiovascular deceases, such as sudden death, arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation.


Feel More Knitwear solution of textile Sensing + Sending + Analysing. FMK sensing technology converts electronic sensors to textile sensors.

Story of Feel More Knitwear

Feel More Knitwear idea was founded by Greek Textile Engineer Aliki Goritsa who brings over 15 years of experience in textile companies, where in 2011 becomes a co-founder in Pepper Vally®


Feel More Knitwear is the result of the effective collaboration of mainly 2 different sector SME companies.


Do you know what ancient Greeks believed about good Health?

Press Kit

Media & Press about Feel More Knitwear

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