DENIM & JEANS Re-Imagined

The Innovation Journey

In this groundbreaking project, Pepper Vally® collaborates with the Südwollegroup to redefine denim, making it more environmentally friendly and accessible to all.

Purposeful Creation

Our goal was to craft a unique denim collection that defies fleeting fashion trends and caters to everyone, regardless of gender or season. We embraced innovative methods to create fabrics that are both natural and cutting-edge. This isn’t just another clothing line; it’s about creating garments that narrate a story of care for both people and the planet, blending aesthetics with functionality.

Design Thinking

We aimed for these clothes to mean more to the wearers. Our idea was to create garments that feel luxurious on the skin, endure over time, do not harm the environment, and look desirable. Yet, they must be as versatile and durable as your favorite pair of jeans, seamlessly fitting every part of your day without needing a change.


Nature inspires us—the perfect imperfections of various textures and shades, such as stone & wood, colors like deep sea blue and sunny forest green, incorporated into fabrics and garments, echoing the contemporary aesthetic of ancient Greek minimalist luxury.

Reinventing Denim

This project reimagines denim, envisioning a future where this beloved fabric is not only comfortable and natural but also sustainable, inclusive, and adaptable. Imagine denim that adjusts to all occasions, traceable from its origin, and designed to adapt to different climates—a true green evolution of denim.

At Pepper Vally®, we take aesthetics and eco-performance personally. Each collection follows a design philosophy where inventing a balanced solution to wearers’ needs always combines aesthetics, performance, skin safety, and nature protection.

Raw Materials - Research & Development

The journey to redefine denim for these fabrics and initial clothing collection was a test of resilience and creativity. Embracing the challenge of knitting technology and sustainability in every fabric, we experimented with yarns and fabric structures to create garments that are both eco-friendly and stylish.

Using exceptional yarns from Südwolle and specifically extra-fine & ethical merino wool, known for its body thermo-regulating properties, either as mono-material or as a blend with cotton and/or TENCEL™ for its glossy and cool feel properties or blended with certified GRS Ecomade Coolmax for extra durability, longevity and natural/mild water-repellent properties.

Overcoming Challenges

The journey was marked by challenges, especially when unconventional yarns are combined with knitting technology, following the road less traveled. This resulted in achieving desired outcomes without relying on the final finishing process of the product. This process demanded creativity and perseverance, balancing innovation with productivity.

Research, innovative production techniques, and expertise were combined, utilizing knitting technology alternatively to mimic the classic appearance of woven denim and to impart additional comfort, health, and sustainability features.


This approach allowed the creation of fabrics resembling denim but lighter, more elastic than traditional woven denim, yet still sufficiently durable like traditional denim, while reducing the environmental footprint usually associated with denim production and washing, finishing processes.

A Wearable Wellness Experience

The resulting first collection offers more than style and fashion; it offers a wearable wellness experience. It allows the wearer to move from morning to night with comfort, style, and a sense of well-being for both the skin and overall health.

Thoughts and Next Steps

This journey underscores the power of pushing boundaries to surpass them, blending nature’s gifts with human creativity, technology, and ethical considerations to challenge and change the world of fabrics and fashion.

The best part of the project was the realisation that what we imagined we were able to develop it and change the prisma aspect we conceive textiles creation & fashion. 

This venture into sustainable innovation marks not just a step but a leap towards redefining how we view, create, and wear our clothes. It’s a bold reimagining of denim, crafted with the future in mind — a future where fashion and sustainability walk hand in hand.

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