The novelty of THE KNITTED JEANS COLLECTION is based on the result in our research in knitting-pattern techniques for producing a sustainable knitted denim. The outcome is a soft and comfortable fabric reflecting in a total athleisure knitwear look, which still reminds the classic denim look. This style from Pepper Vally’s Jeans Collection shows a selection of the almost unlimited potential in knitting.


Our cutting edge flat knitting technology offers a wide range of innovation for the design and manufacturing of denim looks. These aspects are crucial because the fit, comfort, function and aesthetics of garments are all directly related to the design.


In the jeans collection the innovation is not just an aesthetic design feature. It contributes to economic, social and ecological advantages, as water overconsumption and unethical manual labor, usually used in mass-jeans production, can be significantly reduced, contributing to sustainability in materials and methods.

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