Feel More Knitwear

Feel More Knitwear is the outcome of Pepper Vally®’s manufacturing process for different up-scalable e-textile systems for several applications in collaboration with Blautic SL.

Feel More Knitwear 2020

It is the second upgraded edition of a textile sensing sports sweater which monitors and elaborates critical biometric data: Electrocardiogram (ECG) of 3 Leads, respiration rate and movement. Pepper Vally has developed an advanced knitting manufacturing process that transforms a sustainably made sports garment to smart by adding health services of monitoring and controlling the cardio-respiratory physical condition and bad posturing habits of the wearer.


Knitting technology is based on loops creation in countless variations to achieve elasticity, comfort and functionality. What? With just 2 knitting needles?

No, when we speak for knitting technology (link to manufacturing process), we mean automated knitting machines with connective software to load the program patterns. A textile engineer is programming the machine to use the approx. 2000 knitting needles in the way he wants and needs to achieve the special characteristics of each garment or other knitted product part of the fabric.


Based on this smart sweater is made by using yarns in specific loops combinations.
And how it becomes a garment?

If it is a “normal” sweater of a good natural quality, you take yarn from a 100% premium quality, such as wool, cotton, tencel a.o. and you control the pattern and shape according aesthetics, e.g. fashionable or classic, functionality features, e.g. increased elasticity or 3D structure, application features, e.g. sweater for sports or sweater for special occasions.

How it becomes smart?

If you want to add interaction features, you add the sensor pattern to all the above. This means we use a pattern combination of natural yarn and conductive yarn to create sensors in the positions we need them and following a pattern making procedure for the wearability and comfortability features. These textile sensors and paths carry the information received from the body to a controller and then to an application to your mobile phone and/or cloud platform.


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