A cataclysmic, super bright starburst that shines as tens billions of suns; this is supernova. The composition of the Earth’s atmosphere is due to these big stars, who release with their death explosion, the elements they made with perseverance and care at their core. In the depths of the cosmos, the starburst supplied the necessary materials in a suitable planet to create living organisms and man. Yes, we all are made of stardust and we owe our lives to the death of a star. A charming tale coincides with the scientific truth.

Winter 14/15 enables a growing unity between what has gone before and what is to come. Dior΄s New Look of the 1940s and 1950s with small waistlines and full skirts achieve a dramatic modern look, appealing to a new young generation. Femininity with a focus on exquisite making and contemporary flair is the core of this collection.


An architectural approach to form and beautifully crafted fabrics; that suggest also comfort is the bet to be won. Sketching clothing as if it were sculpted, moulded or kneaded right from the fabric mass. Bell shaped skirts and dresses glide with liquid fluidity or heavily falling full length. Tailoring takes centre stage, here, deliberately over-scaled but with a seductive outcome and structured shoulder lines that extend beyond the body. Miniaturized updated tweeds, minimal pictorial and denim like knitted fabrics are the abettors to this slick and androgynous story.


Air filled volume inflates carded wool and cashmere blends, moleskins and other embossed effects creating alternative hairy looks. Ecstatic and voluptuous proportions play with technical metal accents in complex quilting and Ikat-style patterns, sculpting the future.

Spectacular jacquards and diluted florals in vegetal dry and crispy tints is the main direction, referring to color. Winter brights, such as chili red and light green, are also present in an unconventional use. We highlight the pink element and pasteurised, creamy tones, as smooth as skin. Milky whites are touched by a dark shadow grey and the amarinth flower: famous for its deep plum color that never fades.

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