Opposites merge into composites and design becomes a means of blending and merging in innovative and surprising ways. A new era of unique concepts from dreams to reality is awakening and focusing in creating functionality. The story of our world is both natural and manmade – and as we come to terms with the effect we’re having on our planet, we are taking a more active role in finding solutions. The global community is gathering to help avoid the loss of ancient cultures and the Earth as we know it. As our survival instincts kick in, we explore alternative design solutions to basic needs.


This journey of indigo history from Asia and South America through merchants to the Mediterranean and then rest of Europe became our inspiration for Indican Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, as well as in the past so today more the cultural and geographical divisions become blurred and people begin to move collectively, contributing to a better society and world in general.


The novelty of the current collection is based on extraordinary knitting-pattern techniques for producing a knitted fabric that imitates the loom-denim fabric. The outcomes is a soft and comfortable fabric reflecting in a total athleisure knitwear look, which still reminds the classic denim look . This approach has not been seen before and opens up a whole new variety of applications. The current Pepper Vally blue denim Jeans Collection shows a selection of the almost unlimited potential in knitting. Our cutting edge flat knitting technology offers a wide range of innovation for the design and manufacturing of denim looks. These aspects are crucial because the fit, comfort, function and aesthetics of garments are all directly related to the design.

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