The Concept

The core of Pepper Vally is sustainability a lot before sustainability becomes a trend.

Pepper Vally uses exclusively certified with Oeko Tex Standard 100 yarns.
We make a significant effort to find the best viable solution, to combine mainly natural yarns, sustainable manufacturing processes with circular orientation in the textile creation.

Easy to buy and care products for offering eco-luxury in each collection.

We keep functional design and crafted details high in order to make desirable items for you, although manufacturers take ”command” from each one of you, meaning the market need. So as long as you choose to buy wisely, by researching your information channel, by asking the manufacturers who made your clothes and what is this material or/and certification used, you contribute to actual sustainable and transparent paths in textiles and fashion to have at the end a natural, sustainable, fair but still affordable for you garment.

Raw Materials we use
Non Mulesed – RWS® Merino Wool
ZQ® Merino Wool
GOTS® Organic Merino Wool
GOTS® Organic Cotton
Certified Sourced Cotton
Tencel Lenzing™ Lyocell
Certified Sourced wood Viscose
Ecovero™ Viscose
GOTS® Organic Hemp
Certified Sourced Linen


100% of the production-prototypes-samples are produced exclusively in our own microfactory
equipped with knitting machines, based in Athens Greece.

All workers involving in the production phases are working in ethical conditions, also we search for the same values in all our workers, suppliers and collaborators.

80% of the production is made to order eliminating stock and leftovers. 60% of the production is made with zero waste techniques. 80% of the total raw materials used are natural.

All raw materials used in the production are from EU based factories and reach EU certifications.


For the samples we use visualization programs in order to see how an item will look like before going to fabric production, also as we own and operate the knitting machines we make multiple test swatches before producing the first prototype fabric or/and ready item.

We produce only after taking confirmed order from clients-boutiques stores worldwide at 80% and we produce a 20% for stock availability for our wholesale clients and for our own physical store and e-shop.

We do not print or dye a fabric after producing it but we use only yarn dyed raw materials in order to have minimum impact on the environment and also better longevity of the colors.

We do not print on fabric but all the designs are made using weaving or knitting jacquard techniques or embroidery in order to have minimum use of chemicals.

We use only wrapping paper, paper bags or paper boxes and paper tape for packaging and shipping our final products, no plastic is used for packaging. Sometimes we need to use plastic bags between our production phases but we use them a lot of times before sent them for recycling. We do not print our logo in the materials used for packaging except only to the hand crafted box that we provide, as it is made to be a storage box with big life cycle.

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