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Feel More Knitwear – Philosophy

Do you know what ancient Greeks believed about good Health?

Hippocrates that lived between 460-370 b.c. and considered as the “Medical Sciences” father, had said that in order to cure yourself or others, you have to understand human as a whole. Based on the principle that anything that exceeds balance and harmony is outside nature and the best cure is prolepsis, each person has a different treatment approach.

People only when they are interesting for accurate self-observation and self-understanding can help doctors offer them a personalized treatment. If this is the target, technology evolution should be the tool to reach this target and wisdom.

Heraclitus that holds a central place in the whole of Greek philosophy and in the whole world history of thought ” said:

 “Wisdom is the greatest virtue, and wisdom is to tell the truth and act according to nature, listening to it.” (σωφρονεῖν ἀρετὴ μεγίστη, καὶ σοφίη ἀληθέα λέγειν καὶ ποιεῖν κατὰ φύσιν ἐπαΐαντας. Η σωφροσύνη είναι η πιο μεγάλη αρετή, και η σοφία του να λες την αλήθεια και να πράττεις σύμφωνα με τη φύση, ακούγοντας την”).

 “Health is an extension of wisdom”. (Zeno the Stoic from Kitio, Cyprus) (“Η υγεία αποτελεί προέκταση της σωφροσύνης” (Ζήνων ο Στωικός από Κιτίο Κύπρου)).

The first of its kind sustainable knitted electronic garment with monitoring services while same time having less impact to the environment and being skin friendly to the whole body-surface.

Physical education is necessary to improve health and achieve physical harmony, which in turn help the health of the soul. Cultivation and mental health should be the main goal of every citizen. But how could a healthy and strong spirit do well in a sick and weak body? So it was necessary to the body, in order to achieve an ideal body, to accommodate a correspondingly strong spirit, which metaphorically considered that he was imprisoned inside the body.

He also emphasize that a well-trained body helps the soul to better respond to its most important tasks, as well as to acquire wisdom and temperance, which are essential elements, so that the citizen does not deviate from the measure. He also mentioned in his works that he who could withstand painful physical trials would have the necessary courage to do the same in spiritual trials.

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