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Healthcare that includes prolepsis through sports, quality of treatments in cure, everyday life of patient and clinical trials/research are all top concern in most societies worldwide. On the other hand in industry, IoT has started the fourth industrial revolution to approach the people’s needs in a more optimal way. In healthcare, IoT will impact more than in any other area. The possibility to monitor and track biological parameters will allow the collection of great amount of data from a great quantity of patients through IoHT. This data, properly used through Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning, will transform healthcare and pharmacy industry.

Feel More Knitwear takes the challenge to develop wearable medical devices

Best known for:

  • Increased quality of Accuracy level
  • Increased quality of raw Materials
  • Increased quality of Aesthetics and Functionality
  • Decreased Size and Cost
  • Decreased Environmental Impact



It uses also accelerometers and gyroscopes to monitor the posture and motion of the body. Give feedback to the user to correct bad posturing habits or to recover movement in healing extremities.


Feel More Knitwear solution acts as a monitor device for early diagnosis of cardiovascular deceases, such as sudden death, arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation. A monitor device as comfortable and appealing as your favourite sweaters, as accurate as a device used in a doctor office and as soft and skin friendly as a premium natural and functional fabric, made exclusively for your needs. Actually it monitors your heart health not in the laboratory but in realtime and reallife, when you are working, exercising, exploring outdoors or even sleeping.

A top athlete that detail in performance matters, has real-time access to his movement inclinations and angles, stored and processed via AI to his personal physiology cloud for further examination and detailed improvement actions, while avoid musculoskeletal injuries and energy loss.

These applications allow self-understanding and improvement, while helping physicians, doctors, trainers and other health and sports professionals to have remote data access and recommendations for personalized therapy or improvement actions during all these people’s activity.

Feel More Knitwear’s expertise in sensing technology will allow people with chronic deceases, age related problems or people doing intensive sports activities to improve their daily life and free to explore life and feel safe again.

Beyond health, Feel More Knitwear’s technology has the potential to transmit heat or cool effect to interior fabric of cars, led effects and vibration in sofa tapestry when sitting time exceeds the required while motivate you for a healthy living of high aesthetics.

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